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Interview at the place of residence

This survey method is most often used in situations where:

  • It is necessary to reach a sufficiently wide target audience (for example, an audience representative of the general population)
  • It is important to be able to demonstrate stimulus materials or choice cards.
  • It is important to ask the respondent a fairly wide range of questions (some of these interviews can last up to 40 minutes)
  • Several people in the household need to be interviewed
    Many methods of quantitative marketing research (hall-test, telephone interviews, interviews on city streets/at the exit of places of purchase, etc.) have one or more of these advantages, but the combination of such capabilities is inherent only in interviews at the place of residence. This is what makes this method indispensable for solving many problems of marketing research, such as, for example:
  • Research of habits and preferences of the target audience
  • Research into category experiences and consumer purchasing decision patterns
  • Study of the audience’s lifestyle and living patterns and others.
    In addition, a residential interview is essentially the only alternative when a study involves testing a product at home.
    Vector Market Research has a staff of permanent professional interviewers of more than 500 people in Russia and the CIS countries, which allows us to quickly conduct quantitative research using this method covering various regions and countries.