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Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSI)

CSI Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Marketing research agency Vector Market Research is an expert in the field of market research, which aims to study the level of satisfaction and calculate the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

Такие исследования являются очень ценными с практической точки зрения в том случае, если их реализация осуществляется методологически корректно.  Чаще всего маркетинговые исследования уровня удовлетворенности клиентов проводятся для производителей автомобилей, банков и страховых компаний, а также розничных сетей.  

We use the European CSI index model, in which the attributes of the latent variables are adapted to the characteristics of the industries, segments and companies being studied.

The CSI customer satisfaction index model is based on the following latent variables:

Image: assessment of the brand/company as a whole, consumer associations associated with the professional reputation and reliability of the company.

Consumer expectations formed based on existing information, advertising, and previous experience in the category.

Воспринимаемое качество: оценка характеристик продукта, исходя из реального опыта его использования.

Perceived service quality: an assessment of elements of customer service, including service availability, staff competence, friendliness, etc.

Value, or the ratio of the quality of a product and service to the money spent on purchasing a product or service. В некоторой степени это – баланс цены и качества по мнению потребителей.

Research on the level of customer satisfaction belongs to the block of quantitative marketing research and is carried out either by personal interviews or in the form of a telephone survey. In some cases, online research may be possible.

For correct analysis of the obtained data and their subsequent interpretation, statistical methods are used, such as factor and regression analysis. The combination of these methods, in combination with other elements of the calculations, allows not only to calculate the satisfaction index, but also to determine the contribution of each attribute to the CSI index.

To receive advice or more detailed information about the CSI index and other marketing research conducted by the marketing research agency Vector Market Research, please contact a specialist from our company by phone in Moscow (495) 6427856 or by email service@vectorma.ru.