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The “observation” marketing research method is used in a situation where it is necessary to “from the outside” evaluate consumer behavior in a real situation of purchasing/visiting something. In some cases, the method is used to assess the change in the characteristics of the object under study on consumer behavior, for example, in the situation of turning on/off music, broadcasting advertising and information blocks on plasma screens, etc.

The method involves the presence of a researcher at the sales location being studied, filling out special observation forms in which observation parameters are recorded, such as the presence of customers in certain areas, interaction with staff (including non-verbal), etc.

Based on the results of the marketing research, a detailed “map” of typical consumer behavior in the territory of the retail trade facility under study is compiled and recommendations are developed both to improve the sales efficiency of the retail trade facility in general, and of selected categories/brands of goods in particular, depending on the goals set.

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