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Online surveys are a quick and effective way to obtain the information you need to make important business decisions. They are used to solve a variety of marketing and management problems, including:

Study of consumer behavior (knowledge and attitude, purchases, consumption, etc.)

Loyalty Research

Logo testing

Price research (determining the optimal price)

Advertising testing


Packaging testing

Usability studies

Employee satisfaction surveys

Compared to other research methods, online surveys have important strengths that make the method most effective for solving many research problems:


Significantly lower cost compared to other methods

Ability to display images and videos


Various social groups, including those difficult to reach by other methods


Minimum time frame for conducting research


Ability to simultaneously cover multiple regions and countries


Self-completion allows you to get more accurate answers to “sensitive” questions

What determines the cost of an online survey?

The cost depends on the characteristics of the target audience, sample design, as well as questionnaire parameters and washing materials.

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Parameters and reachability of the target audience

List of tasks and length of the questionnaire


Is pre-recruitment necessary?

Online surveys, when conducted correctly and analyzed data, will allow you to:

Make the right decisions with confidence
Increase the effectiveness of communications

Avoid costly mistakes

Gain a competitive advantage

Focus on what is really important to your target audience

The panel of respondents for online research is constantly growing:

100 +


3 +

in Russia


panel coverage ( с
taking into account partners)



in Russia every month


Under what conditions can you get the maximum benefit from mystery shopping research?

  • Open dialogue between customer and researcher
  • Iterative approach
  • Proper sampling design
  • Professional design tools
  • Quality Control Procedures
  • Advanced Analytics

What could be the alternative?

Interviewing real customers by phone after interacting with your company

Listening to audio recordings and watching video recordings of working with customers

  • +Better suited for complex audiences
  • Higher cost
  • Longer duration of the study
  • Higher cost
  • Longer duration of the study
  • The human factor (the interviewer and his perception by the respondent) can involuntarily influence the answers
  • +Opportunity to provide clarification to the respondent if the question is unclear to him

Reporting the results of online surveys:

You will receive the following reporting materials:

Presentation in convenient PowerPoint format

Tables with results in Excel

Data array in Excel or SPSS

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      Questions and answers

      Focus groups, in-depth interviews, as well as dyads and triads are conducted online.

      Qualitative online research has a number of advantages, including reducing the time and budget for research, ensuring high involvement of respondents, the ability to demonstrate stimulus materials in a situation close to real conditions, etc.

      The sampling design is determined based on the parameters of the target audience and research objectives.

      For B2C, the sample size is almost always larger than for B2B. It is in the B2C segment that we can talk about representativeness, but in relation to B2B, the sample can rather be indicative (people do not differ as much in consumption within the same category as companies).

      When constructing a sample, the permissible size of statistical errors is also taken into account.

      The more segments of the target audience that need to be analyzed in a quantitative study (for example, separating groups by age, gender, cities of residence, etc.), the larger the sample should be.

      Online surveys use an extensive list of stimulus materials:
      - Static images
      - Video files
      - Presentations
      - Audio files

      If it is necessary for the respondent to try something to familiarize himself with the product under study during the research process, then the corresponding goods can be delivered to him in advance with instructions for use.

      At the same time, offline hall tests are still better suited for testing tastes, which will allow you to control the correct recruitment (here people must have a special and correct sensitivity to tastes) and a careful comparison.