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When conducting marketing research to assess the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, the following indicators are usually measured:

  • Brand knowledge (spontaneous and prompted recognition)
  • Knowledge of advertising (spontaneous and prompted recognition)
  • Efficiency of media channels (where representatives of the target audience encountered advertising for the brand of the product being analyzed)
  • What do you remember from the plot/content of the advertising message?
  • Understanding advertising (what was the main idea behind the advertisement?)
  • Purchasing stamps for a certain period
  • Etc.

In addition, depending on the goals set for the advertising campaign, the marketing research tools additional blocks are added. Often one of the components of marketing research is the study of the image of the advertised product/service, as well as the image of competitors. Conformity analysis is most often used to build a brand perception map.

The result of such marketing research is the following characteristics:

  • Analysis of changes in knowledge, attitude and consumption of advertised products as a result of an advertising campaign
  • Shares and structure of consumers who encountered the advertising message
  • Comparison of the effectiveness of various media channels
  • Assessing which advertising elements were most memorable to consumers
  • Assessing which advertising elements were most memorable to consumers
  • Increasing the effectiveness of future advertising campaigns and, accordingly, the advertising budget

Evaluation of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is a wave marketing research, which is carried out in two waves (one wave – before the implementation, the second – after the end of the advertising campaign), or with a large number of waves (for long-term advertising campaigns).

In addition, to adjust the advertising campaign, additional measurements can be carried out on small samples for rapid assessment and, if necessary, obtaining signals for adjusting the campaign.

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