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Consumer goods

Digital transformation has affected all consumer goods manufacturers, from the food industry to consumer durables. Product portfolio management requires new ways of working with customer information.

Marketing Technology Center Vector Market Research will allow you to gain insights into purchasing behavior and the most accurate information about your target audience so that you can take the most advantageous positions. You can also take advantage of our approach, which allows you to transform data into actionable recommendations.

Packaging testing
Marketing research for packaging testing is carried out either when launching a new package/new product or to identify areas for improvement of existing packaging based on consumer perception.
Тестирование рекламы
Before launching an advertising campaign, as a rule, testing of advertising materials (boards, commercials, etc.) is carried out in order to find out in advance the reaction of the target audience to the advertising message, if necessary, make adjustments / improvements and, thus, increase the effectiveness of the ongoing advertising campaign.
Testing new products
In order to best satisfy customer needs, it is recommended to conduct testing on a representative audience before commencing mass production.
Study of purchasing behavior and loyalty
Vector Market Research is an expert in the field of marketing research, where the objective is to study the level of satisfaction and calculate the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).
Health brand
Research into brand health indicators allows us to identify key areas for development and marketing communications.
Store check
Store – check is one of the most popular methods for assessing the real supply on the shelves of retail outlets among manufacturers and distributors of consumer products.
research of consumer markets allows us to determine the volume of the market, its structure, development dynamics, key factors that determine changes, competitors’ shares, price level, distribution system, etc.