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The pandemic has accelerated transformation across all segments of retail, making digital increasingly critical to delivering seamless operations and meeting new customer needs.

Experts at the Vector Market Research marketing research center have conducted more than 300 different studies in the retail segment over the past few years alone. Their expertise, combined with unique and effective research techniques, allows them to produce accurate and useful information to grow and thrive in this dynamically changing environment.

Тестирование рекламы
Перед запуском рекламной кампании, как правило, проводится тестирование рекламных материалов (борды, рекламные ролики и т.д.), чтобы заблаговременно узнать реакцию ЦА на рекламное сообщение, при необходимости провести корректировки / улучшения и, таким образом, повысить эффективность проводимой рекламной кампании.
Testing clothing collections
In order for the collection to consist of bestsellers, and also so that a significant part of the assortment does not have to be sold off at large discounts, it is better to do testing on samples before ordering the collection for production.
Packaging testing
Marketing research for packaging testing is carried out either when launching a new package/new product or to identify areas for improvement of existing packaging based on consumer perception.
ие вкусов
новых продуктов питанияДля того, чтобы максимально удовлетворить вкусовым потребностям покупателей, перед началом серийного производства рекомендуется провести тестирование вкусов на .
Study of purchasing behavior and loyalty
Vector Market Research Center is an expert in the field of marketing research, where the task is to study the level of satisfaction and calculate the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).
Health brand
Research into brand health indicators allows us to identify key areas for development and marketing communications.
Store check
Store – check is one of the most popular methods for assessing the real supply on the shelves of retail outlets among manufacturers and distributors of consumer products.