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Accompanied purchase

The “accompanied purchase” marketing research method allows you to observe the behavior of buyers at POS (points of sale) and evaluate the importance of certain criteria when choosing goods.

An assisted purchase involves a respondent and a moderator going to the store together and conducting an interview directly at the POS.

When conducting marketing research using the assisted buying approach, the following tasks are usually investigated:

General impression of the POS, the influence of certain POS characteristics on the desire/readiness to purchase specific products

The influence of the placement of certain products on their attractiveness, visibility, price perception, and willingness to purchase

The role of sales consultants

Perception of the brand on the shelf/against the background of competitive brands

Spontaneous/planned purchases within this category

The influence of advertising materials placed at a specific point of sale on the choice of goods

Detection of “unprofitable”/“transit” zones in stores, the placement of goods in which can significantly reduce their visibility/attractiveness to visitors.

The main blocks analyzed during such marketing research are: the entrance to the store, the route, the sales shelf and the exit from the store.

Assisted buying is a qualitative marketing research method.
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