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Cooperation with journalists and mass media

A key ingredient in being a professional journalist is working with competent experts.

The more competent and charismatic the expert is, the more interesting and better the content is.

In the context of constant changes and transition to a new reality, it is especially important that the expert has a good understanding of the situation as a whole, since the interpretation of any event without the reference to current realities cannot be considered reliable.

At Vector Market Research we analyze vast amount of information across multiple industries every single day. At the same time, we cross-check data from different sources to make sure it truly reflects the real picture.

That is why professional journalists from Business FM, Kommersant FM, Moscow-24, RBC, Sputnik, Expert, Vedomosti and many others regularly contact us for our comments

If you want to get an expert opinion regarding the material you are preparing, feel free to contact Dmitry Tchoumakov via WhatsApp (+7 903 960 55 05). Indicate the name of your publication, as well as the topic on which you need expert comments.

Most often we provide comments on the following:
• Automotive industry
• Retail trade
• Banks and insurance
• Industrial markets
• Medicine
• Real estate

At Vector Market Research, a knowledge center has been formed based on research conducted on our initiative and the results of which can be used to prepare comments and other materials.