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You have a wide variety of inspection options at your disposal, taking into account the specifics of your business.

From 10 minutes to several hours, up to more than 100 evaluated parameters

Calls, visits, communication via email and messenger

Photos and audio recordings as part of reporting materials

Convenient interactive online reporting

Thanks to the professional organization of mystery shopping checks and convenient reporting, you will be able to:

Improve the quality of customer service, Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

Increase the number of repeat orders, increase profitability of sales

Increase the level of employee motivation

Get an assessment of your business through the eyes of customers and new competitive advantages

Cost of tests (indicative):

The cost of inspections includes the following:

  • Development of an assessment form
  • Scenario approval
  • Briefing
  • Carrying out an inspection (call)
  • Quality control
  • Online reporting
  • Multi-level access to the portal
  • Handling appeals

Visit (without prior call)

Suitable for shops, dealerships, when the buyer can come at any working time without prior agreement.

Call + messenger / e-mail

Often carried out by dealerships, as well as in the luxury retail, banking and real estate segments.

Such checks are also often carried out in the B2B segment

Visit with preliminary call

Such checks allow you to analyze several stages of working with the buyer at once.

Most often they are carried out by car dealers, fitness clubs, developers and medical institutions.

What determines the cost of a mystery shopper verification?

The cost depends on the requirements for the mystery shopper (for example, should he come with a car, what it should look like, what he should understand, etc.), the type of inspection, the targeted program and the number of inspections.

Request a call back and we will provide you with a commercial offer tailored to your needs within 24 hours!

Mystery shopper profile

Difficulty of verification


Type of check

Under what conditions can you get the maximum benefit from mystery shopping research?

  • Mystery shoppers match the buyer profile of our Customers
  • Mandatory briefing before each test, including role-playing games and, optionally, certification
  • 100% quality control
  • Transparency and anonymous work with appeals on the part of the agency
  • Convenient and interactive online reporting
  • Evaluation forms are designed by customer service experts

Project stages


  • Address program
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Preparing a portal for online reporting
  • Selection and training of mystery shoppers

Carrying out

  • Carrying out inspections taking into account the schedule and targeted program
  • Quality control
  • Interim online reporting
  • Appeals


  • Итоговая отчетность (онлайн и в формате презентации)
  • Сравнение с результатами предыдущих периодов
  • Определение приоритетов для следующего исследования
  • Уточнение проектного инструментария (при необходимости)

Улучшения и следующие шаги

  • Carrying out work with evaluated employees
  • Planning the next wave of research

What could be the alternative?

Interviewing real customers by phone after interacting with your company

Listening to audio recordings and watching video recordings of working with customers

  • Each buyer has different expectations, goals and previous experience, so you need to conduct research on a fairly large sample
  • The buyer will not be able to make an assessment on as many parameters as a mystery shopper does (fewer details)
  • +Allows you to find out real customer opinions
  • -Typically performed in-house and therefore distracts administrative staff from other tasks
  • -Various communications are assessed, and not always taking into account previous contacts
  • -Usually there is no good system for data analysis
  • +By ensuring a high proportion of controlled communications and conducting a good analysis of the results, this approach will allow you to obtain good statistics
  • +Can be used in combination with customer surveys

Reporting on the results of inspections carried out

The results of research conducted using the mystery shopping method will allow you to pay attention to those aspects of customer service that require improvement and take the necessary actions in a timely manner.

Online reporting

  • Convenient and informative visualization of each check
  • Multi-level access
  • Automatic notifications
  • Appeals

Отчет в формате презентации

  • Focus on the most important results
  • Specific recommendations for improvement

Reporting materials

  • Audio recordings
  • Business Cards
  • Photos

Special offer

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    Vector Market Research is a center for creating and managing benefits

    Due to the fact that since 2006 we have not only assessed the quality of customer service, but also developed and implemented standards for the quality of customer service, as well as provided training in customer service and sales, by contacting us you can count on receiving new competitive advantages.

    The product offerings of many companies are now quite comparable, so it is the quality of service that makes your company special!

    Own interactive portal (questionnaire entry, quality control, appeals, schedules, uploads, etc.)

    Unique database of secret shoppers
    We will choose secret shoppers who will look like your real clients. Probably, some of them will become your real customers.

    24/7 support
    Dedicated quality control team for prompt responses taking into account different time zones

    Fast start
    From project confirmation to first inspection – from 2 days

    We create and implement quality standards for customer service, teach sales techniques

    We are proud that the results of our work have become part of the success of companies such as

    It remains to discuss the next steps

    Sign up for a free online consultation with an experienced customer experience expert.

    After consultation you will receive:

    Commercial offer

    Free performance check of your employees by phone

    Assessment form guidelines

      Questions and answers

      To become a secret shopper, you need to write a request to ms1@vectorma.ru and we will contact you to ask questions about your profile, interests, experience, etc. .d.

      Remember that being a mystery shopper should not become your main activity, as this risks making you biased towards everyone you check. But as a part-time job, this is a great opportunity to earn extra money, learn something new and contribute to the development of quality customer service!

      We always recommend warning employees that they will be checked and obtaining consent to audio recording of checks.

      The purpose of the checks is not to “catch” the employee, but to show how customers are actually served and increase motivation. Often, knowing that each visitor may turn out to be a secret shopper, employees begin to work better.

      If you work in an industry where employees interact with customers, audits are likely to occur.

      Most often, secret shoppers are used for verification in companies that pay great attention to the quality of service, for example:

      - Car dealers
      - Restaurants and hotels
      - Sports clubs
      - Travel companies
      - Banks
      - Insurance companies
      - Retail Stores
      - Beauty salons and barber shops

      Mystery shopping is a useful method if the research is carried out in an appropriate capacity.