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Title testing

The future success of the brand greatly depends on how correctly the name is chosen. There are certain requirements that the name must meet:

  • Uniqueness. The name should not be similar to others (of course, unless there is a purpose to be specifically similar to another brand). This is also important so that when promoting and spending on advertising, you do not advertise a competitor.
  • Memorability. In order for customers to ask for a specific brand, you need to make it easy to remember. Modern shoppers won’t put much effort into remembering something complex.
  • Category compliance.
  • Ease of pronunciation.
  • Positive emotions. The name as a whole should not cause negative associations
  • Etc.

The choice of name is carried out either by a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, or by one of them, depending on the parameters of the tasks, the number of tested options, etc.

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