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Package test

Marketing research for packaging testing is carried out either when launching a new package/new product or to identify areas for improvement of existing packaging based on consumer perception.

The study focuses on the analysis of the following packaging parameters:

  • Emotional – visual perception
  • Overall attractiveness
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Category Match
  • Compliance of design/packaging/name with the offered assortment
  • Motivation to buy
  • Product Expectations / Communication Expectations / Channel Expectations
  • Perception of price by packaging
  • Etc.

During marketing research, packaging elements such as fonts, visual elements, color schemes, etc. are also subject to detailed analysis. In addition, the perception of text information by representatives of the target audience is studied

Depending on the stage of packaging readiness, qualitative and quantitative methods can be used to test it. If the packaging is already ready, the quantitative method of marketing research Halltest is most often used as a method for testing packaging. The advantages of this method of marketing research lie in the possibility of obtaining detailed feedback from potential buyers of products within the category by conducting time-long interviews using, incl. open questions and demonstrating the Client’s products in a “sales shelf” format against the background of competitors.

If we are talking about testing a packaging concept, then the focus group method will be more useful. It will allow us to study the deep perception and attitude of representatives of the target audience towards packaging elements and eliminate information noise. When conducting research using the qualitative focus group method, much attention is paid to the preparation of stimulus materials, as well as the design of focus groups.

To test packaging, respondents who meet the main characteristics of the target audience (by gender, age, use of category products, income, etc.) are recruited as participants in marketing research.

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