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Currently, the fashion segment is experiencing new opportunities and new niches driven by changes in distribution and purchasing behavior.

In addition, customer expectations from the product and the quality of interaction with brands are constantly growing.

The Vector Market Research Center will help you gain a competitive advantage in this interesting and promising segment

Testing new collections
To ensure that the collection consists of bestsellers, and also so that a significant part of the assortment does not have to be sold off at large discounts, before ordering for production, collections are tested with the involvement of the target audience.
Store check
Store – check is one of the most popular methods for assessing the real supply on the shelves of retail outlets among manufacturers and distributors of consumer products.
Mystery shopper
The mystery shopping method of marketing research involves communication by phone, instant messenger, email and personal visits to dealerships by experts acting as real buyers in accordance with certain scenarios.
Testing titles and concepts
When launching new brands, it is important to check the relevance of the idea with the target audience and make adjustments to the offer before launching it on the market.