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The current offer in all product categories is becoming so perfect that it becomes almost impossible to earn customer loyalty with technical parameters alone. And, if there are still some differences in the parameters of the goods (in some cases, quite noticeable), then the quality and approach to communication with customers, often, the companies practically do not differ from each other.

This leads to buyers not taking sellers seriously, considering their communication insincere and too “basic”. At the same time, sellers working according to rigid scripts feel that buyers for some reason react negatively to their memorized phrases, but working according to instructions, they do not have the opportunity to change anything, and many of them do not want to. Thus, the gap in trust between buyers and sellers is constantly widening, and sellers, following instructions, behave less and less naturally.

The era of robotic scripts is long gone. Every buyer wants individual communication, everyone wants attention and the solution of their problems in the most effective and friendly way.

In order for the quality and approach to communication with customers in your company to become a significant advantage, we will develop flexible speech modules for your employees and help them, as a result of the training, rethink the value of customers and their work so that they sincerely want to provide the best service in the segment / branches.

In order for the speech modules that we develop and implement in your company to work really well, we use the following approach:

  1. Analysis of the existing approach to sales / communication with customers
  2. Analysis of best practices of competitors
  3. Development of speech modules based on best practices and our 20 years of experience in studying customer opinions on service quality. We know with absolute certainty which phrases, formulations and approaches will cause a positive reaction, and which – on the contrary
  4. Testing
  5. Implementation (optional – employee training)

The entire cycle of work takes only 4-5 weeks because we constantly study customer opinions, monitor new trends and introduce innovative standards in customer service.

In order for the quality of interaction with your company’s customers to become a competitive advantage, contact us welcome@vectorma.ru, we will develop and implement your new unique advantages!