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Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, technology is changing more and more rapidly, more and more new products are appearing, which inevitably leads to changes in the way car buyers think and behave.

Vector Market Research has an experience and technology to reveal opportunities and drive increased sales, profitability and customer loyalty.

In our opinion, the current period in the automotive industry is the most vibrant and exciting in the last 50 years: electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, new mobility business models and much more. All of these innovations require even greater focus on customer, including customer engagement approaches, marketing communications, product and technology.

Car Clinics
Marketing research using the Car clinics method allows us to ensure that the offer (passenger or commercial vehicle) meets the needs of the target audience (individuals or legal entities of a certain segment).
Price Study
Comparison of car prices, analysis of the amount and structure of discounts provided, prices for car parts, labor, service products, etc.
Such studies are very valuable from a practical point of view if their implementation is carried out methodologically correctly. We use the European CSI index model, in which the attributes of the latent variables are adapted to the characteristics of the industries, segments and companies being studied.
Advertising campaign testing
Before launching an advertising campaign, it is necessary to test advertising materials (boards, commercials, etc.) in order to find out the reaction of the target audience to the advertising message in advance, and if necessary, make adjustments / improvements and increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
Website usability testing
Managing your website, you definitely want to know what works really well and what doesn’t, as well as how your site looks like comparing to competitors’ ones. Eye tracking technologies allow you to effectively solve problems of website testing and information posted on the Internet.
Customer Service Quality Research
Customer surveys after purchasing cars or visiting a service center
Mystery shopper
The mystery shopping method of marketing research involves communication by phone, instant messenger, email and personal visits to dealerships by experts acting as real buyers in accordance with certain scenarios.
Audit of dealership centers
Checking the organization of work of dealership centers according to established standards, including employee registration, cleanliness, availability of tools, etc.
Scripts and speech modules for sales growth
Although the automotive industry uses many innovative solutions, approaches to sales and customer service require updates. At the same time, “robotic” scripts no longer work. We develop unique speech modules that ensure sales growth and customer loyalty
Training for dealership employees
Vector Market Research trains employees of sales and after-sales service departments in effective customer service techniques. Our programs allow you to start working with clients from scratch in a dealer network or in a separate dealership center.
Comparison of POS materials and digital solutions
The impression of a showroom is mostly determined by its design. However, in order to impress customer, it is not necessary to make a large investment: a lot of design elements are very affordable.