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Reformatting the Russian automobile market

In just a year and a half, the structure of the Russian automobile market has changed dramatically

In a relatively short period of time, the structure of the Russian automobile market has changed in ways that no one could have even imagined a couple of years ago. Moreover, consumer preferences have changed and the Russian car buyer, who had long been very conservative, quickly adapted to the new offer and found many advantages in it.

Due to the abundance of supply from predominantly European, Korean and Japanese car manufacturers, in previous years Chinese cars rarely made it onto the list of alternatives being considered. But now, when cars from the brands listed above have become significantly more expensive, their maintenance has also become more expensive and less comfortable (in particular, many importer programs no longer work, many car brands do not have the ability to connect to foreign information systems to diagnose faults, many you have to wait months for spare parts, etc.). But with Chinese cars, everything has become completely different: official representations, guarantees, longer for some brands than for European competitors, and most importantly, in terms of innovation, Chinese companies are significantly ahead of their European competitors.

In this regard, the sales departments of dealers selling cars of Chinese brands have an important task: they need to “refresh” sales techniques, remove what is no longer relevant (and this, by the way, is a very significant part of the “habitual” repertoire of dealership salespeople), and The most important thing is that now buyers really need to be introduced and interested in new cars. If earlier many buyers knew cars well, since they drove cars of the brand for several years, now almost every buyer buys their first Chinese car.