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Car clinics

Marketing research using the Car clinics method allows us to ensure that the offer (passenger or commercial vehicle) meets the needs of the target audience (individuals or legal entities of a certain segment).

Depending on the stage of vehicle readiness, such marketing research can be carried out both on real cars (including production samples) and on their three-dimensional models (in this case, additional special equipment is required, it is also possible to use eye trackers).

In addition, depending on the car segment, as well as on the parameters of the target audience, the research can be carried out using a qualitative, quantitative or combined method.

During marketing research, the perception of the target audience is studied and recommendations are made on such vehicle parameters as color preferences, interior elements, options/specifications, and cost. In addition to these parameters, the study includes impressions of driving the vehicle (in the case of a test drive / dynamic test), as well as U&A blocks and the decision-making process for purchasing a vehicle.

Marketing research using the Car clinics method is carried out for both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, medium-duty vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.

The geography of the study is determined depending on the priority sales markets (regions).

The marketing research agency Vector Market Research has unique experience in conducting Car clinics projects both in Russia and in other countries of the world.

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