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Shoppers do not notice incidental music but spend much more time in a shop

Marketing research agency Vector Market Research conducted the complex survey including several waves and directed at finding out how different incidental music or its absence influence buyer behavior in supermarkets and trade centers. As part of the study, buyer behavior of respondents was observed and compared in presence and in the absence of incidental music. As a result of the study it emerges that only an insignificant part of respondents noticed the difference. When asked “ have you noticed any changes ?” 70% of respondents answered negatively . “Thus, despite the fact that 62% of respondents mentioned the importance of the musical background in the places they visit (and 94% of the respondents think its positive) it is not in the focus of buyers’ attention”, comments the results Dmitry Tchoumakov, the General Director of the marketing research agency Vector Market Research . But alongside with that , buyer behavior of respondents is changing essentially. So, during the second wave of the research, in the absence of incidental music, the average time buyers spend in small-area shops has become approximately a third less.   According to Dmitry Tchoumakov, before a proper incidental music for a concrete shop is chosen, it is necessary of course to find out what music the target audience prefers. At the same time, it is important not to repeat the same pieces of music once too often: first of all, it annoys the shop workers; secondly, steady buyers start to recognize the same melodies. ”It is important to regulate the volume of sound and to study the acoustics of the premises ( in some area music can be louder, in others, for example in the checkout area, — dimly”, added he. According to the research, the attitude of 34% of the respondents toward short news broadcast, relevant information about the weather and traffic jams, etc. id positive and only 12% of the respondents want to hear music and nothing else. AS explained by Dmitry Tchoumakov, incidental music contributes to creation of conditions when people spend more money in the atmosphere of extra comfort. Prolongation of time spent in the shop influences, of course, the number of purchases and the amount of an average check. Market research in Russia and CIS Mystery shopping Market analysis Market research agency